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At John Cusimano construction we endeavor to deliver the most beautiful and professionally constructed bathrooms in the industry. We are proud to announce that 90 PERCENT of our new projects come to us through customer referrals, which means that we are a company of choice for repeat business and satisfied customers. If you are looking for a gorgeous new bathroom look no further than John Cusimano Construction.

Below we have assembled some of our completed bathrooms for your viewing pleasure.

Tips for a great new deck:

1) A very important part of a new deck is determining exactly what you want on it. Additional space will be needed for such things as barbeques, chair arrangements or anything else you want to put up there. This should be planned for well in advance.

2) Consider adding a side space to an otherwise rectangular deck. This increases the floor space of the deck and allows for excellent additions such as a bar for parties, keeping the BBQ away from the children, etc.

3) Give some real thought to the railing of your deck. This will end up being one of the most visible elements of your deck, so it is important to give a good impression.

4) Finally, decks can be permit heavy. This is because a poorly built deck is dangerous, which is another reason to call us up at John Cusimano Construction. We will ensure a great build quality and will help you through the permit process so that you have a smooth experience.